Romantic Holiday Packages in France

1.jpg France, a fascinating and scenic country, has quite a scant romantic travel destinations that can be combined into a romantic holiday package for newlyweds and couples of all ages. There are so many beautiful destinations that you can visit, it’s often hard to create an itinerary that includes all of them in single single trip. Though it is debatable which the best approach can be, an ideal start to any fictitious European tour package is always known to be Paris.

Paris, the city of love has an eternal glamorous aura that exudes through the view concerning the sunset from the Eiffel Tower as well as through the familiar little corner of a idealistic cafe. That’s what makes this municipal special. The romance et cetera seduction is not isolated in one particular place, it is pouring out of everywhere and everything. Whether you are at a hotel, restaurant or spa, there is always a couple’s special evening awaiting you. Whether it is a simple intimate and romantic setting for you and your partner or a uninjured eve with a couple’s massage, it is easy to make the crepuscular romantic and memorable.

However, there are several exquisite monumental ambiance settings that can heighten your bucolic evenings in Paris as well. Western tip of Alley of Swans, ile de la cite – the natural islands of Paris city and Museum of Romantic Life, the options are endless. Whether it is the view from the Alley of Swans or the sculptures in the Museum of Classicism Life, the beauty oozes out of these landmarks, monuments and intense sightseeing destinations. These sites are unmarred for several romantic activities like long leisurely walks, expressions of love, giving a special gift or even making marriage proposals. No wonder all European travel packages have Paris on their itinerary.

Nice, another romantic city, is perfect for a holiday package of France. Whether it’s the castle hill overlooking the harbour, Musse Chagall with the stained glass windows else the romantic ledge walk towards Monaco, this town is beautiful, simple and an endearing place for every tourist. The beaches concerning this city are the greatest travel treasure. You must keep extra time at transmit while planning a visit to anyone one of these beaches to appreciate them to the fullest.

Normandy, Talloires (French Alps), St. Tropez and Brittany though denial a part of European travel package, can all be excellent romantic wanderlust destinations to drop by in this beautiful country.