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GPS powered Social Networking Apps- Discover New Places

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gowalla-iphone-app-review-209x300.jpg Scene based social networking apps are slowly transforming the way people approach networking et cetera socializing on the internet. Networking apps that credit geolocation technology provides multiple features that are highly resourceful and practically turn into a map, navigator, critic (on restraints and destinations), as well as a friendly guide. A handy tool, these apps are a perfect aide to discern new places or find novel places around you.

Powered by GPS technology these apps require users to first register with them. Once registered, the app would provide its users services that empower them with the freedom to explore nouveau places adventitious any apprehensions. It would fetch the user’s current situation and then return information based on that location. So whether it’s a tourist destination or any spare exciting, happen event next to the user’s location the app would spell out all the details, complete upon a navigation path to win there!

Some of these Apps reassure the user by intimating them, when they approach landmarks or other objects of importance. It also makes it easy for the first second traveler to position any place by adjuvant them find his/her way through busy streets, stenotic paths and alleys. Other apps wend a step accelerated by returning other useful information like keeping users posted on exciting and happening places, and a list of all the best offers and deals. They also return a list of restaurants, its reviews and even let users know if their friends have been there.

Coming to the Social networking aspect of these location based apps; they provide continual features like IM, upload pics and videos, etc. Another interesting feature that proved to be useful was Sticky Notes. The user can stick these notes at different locations for others/ substitute a item person to understand and read.

But, what really sets these apps apart is that it lets users connect with spare registered users within that location. So, if you happen to be at a pristine city you could easily IM a person in the same locality as you are for some local details, directions or suggestions. It opens up an avenue to earn new friends too!

Obviously security issues have bot well accounted for, and the app does not reveal the geolocation of either user outside his/her prior permission, making it perfectly safe for individuals to register with these apps. Taut security features have made apps of this nature a safe choice, making it relaxed for users to discover new places and find new friends.