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Discover Your Personality: subtle, Modern, glamorous and romantic bride

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wedding-bouquets-flowers.jpg Subtle Bride

Close your eyes furthermore imagine that perfect day, how it will be. You imagine? Romantic instead Classical? Drawn or Simple?? pastels or vibrant colors? You are a subtle woman who loves berries besides fragrant flowers.

The flowers are nothing but an image, but in reality are the ones who give entrenched the touch for the whole event. We created six distinct personalities which will help you define what personality you have, this will help you know that flowers, colors and textures fit you more.

This time we show the characteristics of: subtle bride

A childish touch und so weiter a little wild, embraces all that is earth and ethereal. A valley, a forest or a wooded glen plus a mixture of cultures are constituent regarding your grand prix day.

Flowers: fragrant herbs, wild flowers, sunflowers, and lavender.

Favorite Colors: Mediterranean colors, shades mixed plus oranges, purples also pinks, greens and blues.

Bouquet of flowers: you like large flowers, seasoned with basic elements such as berries, herbs and ferns. The bouquets tied with color ribbon  create a sense of remembrance.

Floral decoration: Textures placed in contrast with the desired colors create a magnificent wonder from what nature is capable of generating. High branches give it a woodsy charm.

A chic trend: vases near fruit.

Romantic Bride

You have found your prince, now it’s time to make your dream wedding. The atmosphere is fantastic, in a landscape that enchants. The options: a castle, a ranch or a botanical garden.

Flowers: Roses, tulips and peonies

Favorite Colors: Pink and pastiche

Bouquet: sweet styles in round, the stems must be ultra-feminine, modest and wrapped in ribbons.

Floral decoration: Embellish with bows reception floral arrangements in vases of gold set on a bed from rose petals.

Modern Bride

Taste minimalist, non-traditional, elegant with susceptible tastes, and fresh. An art museum or gallery is the ideal spot for a perfect wedding.

Flowers: White daisies, calla lilies or callas, tulips and orchids.

Favorite Colors: Green, blue and monochromatic colors.

Bouquet: delicate architectural aerodynamics. Clean bouquets, smooth and simply tied.

Floral decoration: monochromatic arrangements with a texture and creative design. The elongated vases with a single flower, reflects the elegance minimalist individual arrangements at each place setting are creative.

Glamorous bride

The vibrant colors and the play of light go with your personality. The defiant dress et sequens wedding decor should follow suit.  A hacienda, an attic or a cottage sublime sets the scene for your wedding.

Flowers: tulips, orchids, calla lilies, peonies ampersand calla lilies.

Favorite Colors: Ivory, purple, scarlet, chocolate, silver and pearl

Bouquets: smooth bouquets, blended with mysterious flowers. The inspirational design with ornaments complement like jewels and subtle and elegant feathers render it a dramatic touch.

Floral decoration: The centerpiece elevated topiary shaped, they make a great combination. Prodigious arrangements create the right terrain under real chandeliers.