Discover How to Keep your Home Cool by Leveraging the Power of the Sun

Most homeowners today use the standard ventilation systems with cockloft fans powered by electricity. This standard method of keeping the house sangfroid along the hot Indian summer months has solitary notable drawback – huge electricity bills. This is why solar powered ventilation is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, as this method of cooling a home involves lower costs, an increased performance and additional cooling benefits.

How Does it Work?

We are talking about a pretty simple system that works by harnessing free energy from the sun and converting it into usable electricity that spins up the fan. The fan is powered by a small photovoltaic panel placed on the roof, facing south. While the day, the sun heats the PV panel, which in turn provides renewable energy that is transferred into power to revolve the mansard fan.

A container attic fan is much more efficient than a standard fan, because it increases the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Stellar powered fans are considered a much better preference along both companies and homeowners, being they can cool a wider space, not only in the attic. It is well known that the calefactory attic air will drift to all other areas of the house or office.

Systems Specs

Usually, a solar ventilation system comes for the following:

A 5-blade aluminium fan.

– An U.S.-made corrosion resistant aluminium frame, hardware and stainless steel brackets.

– A monocrystalline solar panel with hail resistant, high-strength tempered glass.

– At least ten years warranty.

Top Benefits about Roof Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation affects negatively many aspects of your house, including the AC cooling loads, the quality of indoor air, water damage and lifespan of materials. During the dog days months, an overheated attic is the last thing you want, so the excitation in the upper side about your house will expand to cooler areas, such ut supra the kitchen, bedroom and hallways. Warm air and overly moist that are not vented out of the attic spil soon as possible efficient affect the whole air quality in your house or office, leading to excessive pattern and mildew.

Note that an overheated attic will shorten the lifespan concerning roof shingles, leading to increased damage over time. This is why roof ventilation is afterward important, not unparalleled in the hot summer months, but also in the spring and fall.

Choosing a Solar Ventilation System

Solar ventilation systems are specially engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, hurricanes and even tornadoes. Usually, stellar powered ventilation systems are certified and tested by the departments of insurance for windstorms in specific state and rise up to the most demanding standards in the industry.

When it comes to the safety of your home or office, it is important not to settle for cheaply made foreign products that are unable to last straight a storm or provide the quantity of energy needed. Always sportive it conservative by choosing original products made in the USA and approved by the Florida State Product Certification or quantity other official statal institution that can offer windstorm insurance.