Discover Electrical Contractor Jobs in South Africa

An electrical contractor is responsible for very specific electrical system work on construction sites and buildings. In South Africa, electrical contractors are needed to design, install, maintain and replace electrical systems so that our buildings may function properly. This is a job that involves specific training and a certain level of physical stamina and fitness. To help you learn more about electrical contractor jobs, we’ve provided a brief introduction to the career here.

Electrical contractors are primarily responsible for working with power and lighting systems. He or she can afsluiting responsible for installing wiring, modifying existing systems, repairing damaged equipment, and replacing used products.

Your take as an electrical contractor can subsist quite physically demanding. On any given job, you allowed be required to stand, pull, push, lean, crouch or carry. Sometimes you might need to move objects that are 40 kilos or more. The job can also be dangerous, since you intention be working with and around high voltage cables. This is one reason why electrical contractors need to obtain plenty of experience forward going out on their own in the industry.

Electrical Contractor Training

According to the Electrical Contractors’ Lodge of South Africa, there are a number of accredited nurture centres all over the villatic that will be able to help you prepare for the technical and business aspects of an electrical contractor career. Part of your classes may include:

Electrical Fundamentals and Theory
Wiring Methodology
Low Voltage Circuits
Welding and Cutting
High Voltage Circuitry and Terminations
Practical Circuit Sketching
Interior Distribution

Alternating Current Circuits

In order to become a qualified electrician in South Africa, you necessity also obtain between 3 to 5 years in an apprenticeship. Finally, you will need to successfully complete a trade experimental and the N2 or N3 exams in order to obtain your certification.

Electrical Contractor Job Opportunities and Salary

After completing your education and apprenticeship, you may find employment from a wide variety of companies and organizations in South Africa. You can work for the government or city performing maintenance or repair work, for example. Or you might prefer to work for a large general contractor in the construction industry.

Once you obtain some experience as an electrical contractor, then you must choose to work as a steward or supervisor on job sites. This job will have you working in a management role, where your primary responsibility will be to manage other contractors. Construction, mining und so weiter reify estate companies all hire electrical contractors in South Africa today.

If you have an entrepreneurial personality therefore you also have the option to work for yourself. Some electrical contractors do quite well by starting their own firm or independent contracting company. Or you may simply choose to offer your services as a particular independent contractor. You have multiple options.

According to, there is quite a bit of variation in the average profit for electricians. Apprentice electricians, for example, make R 47,166 on average. Master electricians, on the other hand, can make R 420,000 and up. Currently, the most popular employers for electrical contractors in South Africa are Eskom, Conco, Alsom Power Inc and the ABB Group.