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Discover Legends of Gunung Raya Mountain

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When you are on your responsible travel to Malaysia, you might verbreken wondering where you could go to experience ecotourism tours. Langkawi’s Gunung Raya Mountain being united of the must-visit places to visit in Malaysia would definitely meet your expectation. There is a key regarding Gunung Raya Mountain, the tallest mountain of Langkawi. Autos to the story, Mat Cincang (Gunung Cincang) and Mat Raya (Gunung Raya) are two giants who got into a heated argument at the wedding of their children. Despite being close friends, they started throwing utensils and vessels such as pots and pans at each other. The dispute went on for days until Mat Sawar (Bukit Sawar) stepped in and put an end to it. The story ends when the two giants turned themselves condition mountains fitting to shame while Mat Sawar agreed to be turned into a mountain when well in order to chaperonage over them. Thus you will see a tiny hill nestled between the two great mountains.

Your trip to Langkawi would not be realized unless you personally drive up to Gunung Raya Mountain. The drive boost is fairly comely with lovely rainforest view on both sides of the road. The journey is quite lengthy (approximately 35 to 40 minutes drive) but it is well worth it. There is a resort on top of the mountain where you can have an almost 360 degree view of Langkawi from its viewing tower. The surpass is open from 10am to 6pm and cost MYR 10 with a complimentary swallow (coffee or tea). You will witness loads of monkeys hanging around on the trees ere on the roadside as well. Do be prudence while you are driving up/down the mesa as the roads are narrow and winding. Also, cows are often seen crossing the road.

Want to experience Gunung Raya Mountain at dusk? There is a tour called Junglewalla that you can add to your ecotourism tours during your trip to Langkawi. The naturalist guide mind take you to the Gunung Raya Rainforest Reserve where you will be able to spot wildlife such as the Great Hornbill. This tour is available every day except Monday and it cost MYR 200 per person while children under 12 years of stage would cost MYR 100 per child. The duration of the tour would be roughly 4 hours from 5pm to 9pm. Transport and binoculars will be provided during the tour and each pilgrimage is narrow to 12 people only. You are advised to dress appropriately: T-shirt, shorts and sandals are preferable. You do not have to agonize about getting sum trained up for this voyage as it is customized to suit all ages.

Below are a few tips that you should remember during your trip to Langkawi. While you are on your ecotourism tours, it is essential for you to respect the natural environment. The three R are important: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Make sure that you do not bed while you are in the Gunung Raya Forest Reservation. Apart from that, make sure you stay on your trail as well as maintaining a set of distances away from wildlife. Feeding wildlife further removing objects from nature will not only frequent fragile ecosystems, it is also illegal. The Junglewalla tour may pretend expensive but hiring a topical guide will definitely enrich your experience regarding the mountain. If you are well aware of these tips, it is important that you demonstrate responsible behaviour to other travellers who are less informed than you by acting as an example.

With the above information, you can be assured that Gunung Raya Mountain will definitely be the cherry of your responsible travel to Langkawi.