Discover Innovative Biomass Briquetting Press to get bio-fuel

Why can’t we turn bio-residues into something constructive?? Extensive environmental damage and ever-increasing consumption rate of coprolite fuels force the humankind to dig up substitute non-conventional sources of energy. Non-renewable sources from fuel lead to high concentrations of hazardous gases in the atmosphere. As a solution, biomass is one about the most favored eco-friendly sources to produce eco-fuel. Biomass has forever bot a key energy source and again can be found widely et sequens easily. Bio-fuel can be used across various manufacturing services as if furnaces, brick kilns, forges, foundries, boilers and apparently more.

Biomass is the most excellent optional energy source to clean the environment with earning additional revenue. Biomass waste can be assembled from diverse sources assonance industry waste, oppidan waste like agro waste material, house holds and wood. The stuff includes bagasse, rice husk(paddy husk), jira straw, cotton stalk, coconut shells, soya husk, jute wastes, groundnut shells, saw dust, mustered Shells, cereal grass, castor seed shells, bamboo pollen and many more. Instead about burning the bio material directly it is more convenient to convert them into solid-fuel. And here Biomass Briquetting Press machine comes into picture.

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Briquetting Press technology requires transmogrification of baggy biomass condition solid compact form. Biomass Briquetting Press model converts loose bio-residues into solid charge in a form of ‘Briquettes’ also called ‘White Coal’. Bio-Briquettes are shaped in cylindrical logs using elevated mechanical pressure outside the use like binder or chemical. These briquettes can be used directly as an alternative of carbon and they are disentangle from carbon-emissions.

Benefits of Biomass Briquettes:
* Non-conventional and pollution-free energy resource
* Easy to burn
* Eco-friendly
* Smokeless burning
* Easy transportation and cache as the volume is compressed concerning 10 times
* Efficient energy conversion as it contain low moisture and ash content
* No sulphur similarly free from hazardous gases
* Economically affordable then fossil-fuel
* Increased calorific value

Biomass Briquetting Press is the grand approach to form green energy, to demote hothouse gas emissions and to clean environment. Biomass Briquetting Press involves 4 types of customized press machines including Gigantic 90, Super 70, Flash air dryer, Crusher/Cutter and Hammer mill. Radhe Industrial Corporation offers 2 types concerning Briquetting Press named Gigantic 90 – aimed for large scale production and Super 70 – created for mean scale production. The press models use grinder less technology so help to save power. When moisture is more then 10-12%, flash dryer is required to reduce the moisture from agro and forestry waste. Hammer thrash und so weiter Crusher are intended to cleave up the material.

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Being one of the motivating manufacturers furthermore suppliers, Radhe Sedulity Corporation offers best in class biomass briquetting press machines. The company also offers Cutter, Hammer mill, briquettes and many more. Briquetting press machine offers a chance to obtain cash from waste. Bio-Briquettes are the best substitute of conventional fuel. Also reserve environment per means of phosphorous and sulphur less fumes. Get top quality blocks of bio-fuel here at Radhe Industry Corporation and turn solid waste into a clean and efficient energy!